Kelly Spicers is an industry leader in sustainability efforts, and our priority is to work with like-minded organizations, partners and suppliers.

We Care

Caring for our environment is a priority at Kelly Spicers, and we support sustainable forestry through responsible preservation and by upholding chain-of-custody standards for FSC®, SFI® and PEFC™ papers.

We work with partners focused on certified forest fiber, renewable energy sources, reduced chemical, energy and water usage and effluent discharge, and manufacturing products that contain recycled fiber.

Kelly Spicers is also involved with a number of industry efforts focused on communicating the paper industry’s sustainability message to a wider audience.

Doing Our Part

We have taken significant steps toward reducing our organization’s environmental footprint by implementing a number of programs internally, in our regional offices, distribution centers and retail stores throughout the Western US, including:

  • A recycling program that averages 11 tons of mixed paper, 7 tons of cardboard and 1.5 tons of plastic each month.
  • Reusing and/or recycling all wooden pallets in the warehouse. We do not buy new pallets for shipping, and damaged or broken pallets are recycled through a local recycler.
  • Recycling of all electronic waste, including dry toner, computers, batteries, and monitors.
  • Use of T8 fluorescent light bulbs in all Kelly Spicers stores. Expired bulbs are returned to the distribution center for recycling by Waste Management.
  • Lighting retrofits at Kelly Spicers Corporate office, Kelly Spicers Santa Fe Springs warehouse, and Arizona Kelly Spicers stores, which reduced energy use by 11%, 12%, and 16% respectively.
  • Robust preventive maintenance program reduces downtime and increases fuel efficiency of our fleet.
  • Enforced an idle-free delivery zone policy cutting back on emissions and conserving fuel.

Paper production and the paper industry has long supported sustainable forest management. Our industry works directly with organizations who certify good forestry practices, allowing us to remain good shepherds of the environment around us.

Supplier Programs

Kelly Spicers is proud to work with paper, packaging and sanitation suppliers who care about the environment as much as we do, implementing the following initiatives:partners and suppliers.

Incoming products with environmental certifications have increased by 20%
Recycling program of t8 fluorescent bulbs that contain mercury
Reduced chemical, energy and water usage, as well as reduced effluent discharge
Increased manufacturing of products with recycled fiber
Use of certified forest fiber and renewable energy sources