Packaging Services

In addition to a full range of custom and stock packaging products, Kelly Spicers Packaging offers customers custom design services and packaging equipment in centers located in our Santa Fe Springs, CA – HQ.

Experience the Kelly Spicers

Packaging Demo Center

Our Packaging Equipment Showroom offers a hands-on experience for customers who want to learn how equipment can help them control shipping costs and improve efficiency.

With more than 25 years of experience in packaging equipment, our team specializes in options for third-party logistics (3PL) distributors and large distribution centers, including grocery, restaurants and food manufacturing.

We invite you to come learn more about the equipment in our demo room, including:
  • Case erectors
  • Case sealers
  • Product conveyors
  • Packaging stations
  • Shrink wrappers
  • Shrink tunnels
  • Pallet wrappers
  • Bagging equipment
  • Automatic stretchwrappers

Custom Design Center

For packaging customers interested in elevating their packaging options, our Kelly Spicers Packaging Design team brings concept and design prototyping for any product that needs to ship — from automotive and electronics to food and beverage — and everything in between.

  • Structural design and prototyping with various materials
  • 3D rendering and animation for conceptual ideas and assembly instructions
  • Spec sheet drawings for manufacturers
  • Graphic prototypes for real-life rendering of end packaged product
  • Palletization analysis
  • Validation testing for various shipping environments
Graphic Prototypes

Our Design Center includes a wide format printer and design software to create graphic prototypes for both the inside and outside of packaging. The graphical mockups provide clients a clear vision for the final packaging product.

CAD Plotting Table for Structural Prototyping

The Design Center’s CAD plotting table creates packaging prototypes in a range of materials, allowing clients to see how their packages will look and make any modifications prior to manufacturing.

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