Custom Converting

With seven converters and expanded capabilities, Kelly Spicers offers a range of sheeting solutions in every market we serve across the West.

Custom cut sheets and rolls of printing paper, graphic packaging, board grades, and specialty substrates in just the right size.

Kelly Spicers continues to invest in our growing Custom Converting operation, enhancing our product offering and capabilities for the custom sheeting and rewinding needs of customers. We have seven sheeters across the West, as well as a slitter/rewinder for custom size sheets, ranging from digital to wide format layouts, narrow width converting rolls and full-size rolls for web offset printing.

Product Availability

We carry a large inventory of master rolls in our Custom Converting locations, that include coated paper, C1S label, board grades (SBS, folding carton, recycled boards, specialty boards), uncoated paper, envelope and other converting grades.

Quality Assurance

Every Custom Converting order undergoes an 11-point quality inspection that guarantees a quality end product, including grade, caliper, length, width, squareness, flatness, clean edges, and no dust. Our operators are trained to monitor, inspect and sign-off on every job.

Expanded Capabilities

The recent addition of two modern sheeters allows us to sheet from 20lb bond to 48pt board in a variety of sizes from 12×18 up to 60×90. We also now have slitting and rewinding capabilities, and a packaging design center that delivers creative packaging solutions.

Reduced Waste

By reducing the size of the sheet down to the actual area to be printed, our customers can reduce waste by as much as 0% compared to a standard size sheet, improving customer profitability. The reduced environmental footprint is good for the bottom line – and the planet!

Increased Production

Custom size sheets are shipped on specially designed and custom-produced press-ready skids, eliminating the need for printers to manually load paper directly onto the press paper lift. Rolls can be supplied in a range of widths, and core sizes can be specified by our customers.

Service Across the West

Our three Custom Converting centers have sufficient capacity to meet the needs of the markets they serve, including Salt Lake City for the Mountain States region, Seattle serving the Pacific Northwest, and in Santa Fe Springs, covering California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii.

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