Our Markets

We serve customers in a wide range of business sectors across the West, from large commercial and in-house printers to businesses in specialty markets who use packaging, wide format and digital products, janitorial and sanitation equipment, and copy paper to keep their operations running.

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Our team of specialists go deep into the markets we serve, with the extensive knowledge and long-standing supplier relationships that bring success to customers across all product categories.

Commercial Printers

The commercial print industry is at the core of our business, and our relationships with printers across the West spans generations. We supply the paper for annual reports and catalogs to direct mail, marketing campaigns and high-end collateral.

Agriculture Packaging

Kelly Spicers Packaging is committed to delivering the products most in demand for growers, farmers and packers — from woven bags, poly straps, butcher wrap rolls and netting film to Kraft wrap, corrugated boxes, clamshells and grocery bags.

Large Facilities, Arenas & Stadiums

We provide the janitorial and sanitation supplies and equipment used in large facilities, including medical and office buildings, sports stadiums and arenas, government buildings, schools and more to ensure a clean and safe space.


School districts, colleges and universities are continually communicating, whether with signage on campus or school curriculums, and are using in-house digital printers to stay flexible and up-to-date.


Our customers in the medical & dental, hospital & urgent care and insurance businesses have specific paper requirements for patient information and instructions, billing, and regulatory compliance.


State, local and federal government branch offices communicate on a regular basis with a range of constituents, using in-house digital printers to stay connected, inform and unite their audiences.


Restaurants, hotels, casinos, tasting rooms use digital printing to customize a range of collateral, from table tents and talkers to digital coasters, disposable menus and re-usable signage and posters.

Food & Beverage

We deliver the beverage packaging products used by wineries, breweries and micobreweries, as well as creative and functional solutions for a range of foods, including snack, prepared and frozen food, bakeries and other grocery items.

Real Estate

From financial paperwork and signage to localized collateral, residential and commercial real estate firms are increasingly discovering the convenience of in-house printing for a range of needs.

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