Kelly Paper is your #1 source for Mohawk Writing, Text and Cover products!

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We stock more than 800 items in Mohawk’s portfolio including cut-size text and cover weights, parent sheets, matching commercial and announcement envelopes; plus, we also stock over 300 digital and digital specialty products.

In addition to stocking a robust offering of Mohawk’s Skytone products, we are excited to announce that we have added over 50 new items from Mohawk’s Via and Superfine brands, optimizing our portfolio of key items you need to create unique and beautiful printed masterpieces.

To see exactly what Superfine, Via and Skytone products we have on our floor ready for you, check out our Mohawk Fine Paper Product Guide:

Mohawk Fine Paper Product Guide

BONUS: Here’s a quick video to learn more about Mohawk’s brand new Via+Carnival Swatchbook. Contact your local store today for further interest in the new swatchbook.