Kelly Paper 4.0 is now live, here’s what to expect

After tightening a few bolts and adding a fresh coat of paint, Kelly Paper 4.0 is alive. This update brings some new features, bug fixes and a simpler navigation structure to get you to the important pages faster. Here’s a list of what’s new:

Design Tweaks: To highlight more of the new Kelly Paper branding and lay the foundation of upcoming updates to our online shopping experience.

Simple Navigation: The header and footer menus have been reconfigured to give you quicker access to the more important/popular pages.

New Content: One of the main driving forces for the 4.0 update was a focus on bringing new content. To help do that we created a “News” page that will keep everyone up to date on what’s going on at Kelly Paper and other industry related news.

Deal of the Week: Every Monday we will post a new week long special on our homepage. The special will be for online orders only.

We’re not stopping here however, there is more to come in the not so distant future so stay tuned. We’d love to get your feedback in your comments below.